Trauma Therapy

“Hope is not the conviction that something is going well, but the certainty that something makes sense, no matter how it ends.”

Václav Havel

“Only in the depth of the soul, with the help of that power that is stronger than all reason, consolation and rest can be found”

Wilhelm Busch

Trauma occurrence and painful experiences shock us on all levels and are often forgotten. Nevertheless, trauma has a strong impact on the physical, the emotional, the mental cognitive and also on the interpersonal level. Therefore, it is important to consider trauma work holistically, so that it can be overcome. The central organ, which controls all levels, is our brain. Many approaches to trauma processing are therefore also plunging into the findings of brain research.

The traumatic experience often falls into oblivion, so the first step in processing the trauma is to bring it back into consciousness without retraumatizing. Next, the trauma must be recognized and respected, which is a very important process that precedes the integration process.

Recommended books:

“In an unspoken Voice”
Peter Levine

“Waking the Tiger”
Peter Levine

“The Body keeps the score”
Bessel Van  Der Kolk

“Splits in the Soul”
Franz Ruppert

“Early Trauma: Pregnacy, Birth and First Years Of Life”
Franz Ruppert



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