Visual strategies for dyslexia

“Tell me and I´ll forget it, teach me and I´ll remember it, involve me and I´ll learn it.”

As a mother of a dyslexic child, for years I sent my son to a variety of therapies and tried many unusual ways to help him. Since dyslexics have a different perception than people whose reading and writing does not cause any problems, it is only appropriate to respond to this particular perception. Dyslexics are non-verbal thinkers, which means they perceive with their senses, especially with their visual sense. Verbal, abstract thinking is very difficult for them. But since most words like “but”, or “with”, even every single letter is abstract, it becomes increasingly difficult to grasp the fundamentals of writing. For this reason, with my son and many of my students, visual strategies and methods have proven to be most effective.

Recommended books:

“The gift of dyslexia”
Ronald Davis

“The gift of learning”
Ronald Davis

“Autism and seeds of change”
Ronald Davis

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